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Bead&Button Show Class Preview

Join us at the world's largest Bead Show! May 27 - June 8, 2015

The BeadSmith Presents: Sakura Brooch
Delicate cherry blossoms with Swarovski faceted teardrop stems adorn this b... More
TOHO Beads Presents: Brilliant Necklace
This necklace, enhanced with Swarovski cup chain sewn on the braid, can be ... More
Introduction to Soutache: Bright and Fun Earrings
If you’ve wanted to try your hand at soutache, then this class is for you -... More
Pearlescent Bracelet
Pearls and crystals add an elegant touch to this bracelet that features a t... More
Circle of Lights Bracelet
You'll have fun creating this eye-catching bracelet with serious Swarovski ... More


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Editor's Pick

Daring Daggers

Earn points for style and flair with this clever design that incorporates dagger beads in a flat peyote stitch foundation.  Designed by Marcia Rose.