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December 2012 B B Extra

B&B Extra, a free online exclusive for Bead&Button subscribers. 
The December B&B Extra features:
  • It's back to basics with a brick stitch pendant by Laura Zeiner
  • Stitch a peyote cuff in chilly hues by Lorraine Coetzee
  • Capture marbles and buttons with netting and herringbone for a necklace and earring set by Carolyn Cave
  • Stitch a cheerful cardinal for an ornament, bookmark, or other decoration by Becky Antas
  • Make a spiky fringe with Tila beads for a lively bracelet by Dawn Arnote
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Editor's Pick

Daring Daggers

Earn points for style and flair with this clever design that incorporates dagger beads in a flat peyote stitch foundation.  Designed by Marcia Rose.