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Flat peyote stitch (odd count)

Figure 1: Begin as for flat peyote (even count), but string an odd number of beads. Work row 3 as shown in No. 2 flat peyote, even count. Since the first two rows total an odd number of beads, you won't have a place to attach the last bead on odd-numbered rows.
Figure 2: Work a figure-8 turn at the end of row 3, which will position you to start row 4: String the next-to-the-last bead (#7) and go through #2 (dot) then #1. String the last bead (#8) and go through #2, #3, #7, #2, #1, and #8. You can continue to work this turn at the end of each odd-numbered row, but this edge will be stiffer than the other. Use the figure on the left to turn on subsequent odd-numbered rows.
Figure 3: String the last bead of the row then loop through the edge thread immediately below. Go through the last bead to begin the new row. The turn at the end of even-numbered rows is as shown (figure left).

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