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Two-drop peyote stitch

Work two-drop peyote stitch just like peyote stitch, but treat every pair of beads as if it were a single bead.
Figure 1: Start with an even number of beads divisible by four. Go through the first 2 beads to the left of the knot. Pick up 2 beads (stitch 1 of row 3), skip 2 beads and go through the next 2 beads. Repeat around.
Figure 2: Since you started with a multiple of four beads, you'll need to work a "step up" to begin the next row. Go through the first pairs of beads on rows 2 and 3. Pick up 2 beads and go through the second pair of row 3 beads; continue around. (Note: If you begin with an even number of beads not divisible by four, there isn't a step up; you'll keep spiraling.)

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