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Wrapped loops

Wrapped loops require practice but they're worth mastering. Not only do they increase security for your beads, they also add an elegant designer touch. You can make one wrap or as many as you wish to produce the effect you desire.
Expect to make at least 15 bad wrapped loops before you start making consistently good ones. Use inexpensive copper wire or head pins to practice.
Figure 1: Leaving a 3/4 to 1 in. (1.9 to 2.5cm) tail, place the tip of a chainnose pliers where the bead will be. Bend the tail to form a right angle.
Figure 2: With roundnose pliers, grasp the tail just past the bend and pull it over the jaw to point the other way.
Figure 3: Rotate the pliers so the empty jaw is above the partial loop and continue pulling the tail around the bottom jaw until it's perpendicular to the bead or the wire.
Figure 4: Pull a split ring, chain, etc., from the tail into the loop.
Figure 5: To keep the loop round, grasp it with roundnose pliers in your non-dominant hand just above the cross. Don't dent the wire.
Figure 6: Grasp the tail with chainnose pliers and pull it around the wire until it meets the bead. Make the first wrap against the pliers and keep wraps close. Clip.

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